Having been on the music scene for the past 15 years, Avigdor Zeitlin and The Shir Hashirim Band have had the experience and practice necessary to become an extremely energized and highly regarded group, reputable both for their musical integrity as well as their business related reliability.

As a band aiming to bring true Chassidic Simcha to any event, our performance is one that satisfies a young crowd while staying true to the age old Niggun; resonating deeply with an audience of any age. The Shir Hashirim Band is not your run-of-the-mill ordinary wedding band, and definitely not one relying on automatic rhythm sections and computers. We have uniquely artistic and energetic arrangements, with contributions by each member of the band.

Led by guitarist and vocalist Avigdor Zeitlin, our musicians apply techniques gleaned from masters of their respective instruments. You might pop into your local wedding hall just in time to catch Avigdor in middle of an emotionally driven screaming guitar solo while the band backs him up in unmatched synchronization, or perhaps he might be leading the band through a complex syncopation with his unique staccato strumming. This while staying true to the melody most of which are compositions by our Rebbes and their great Chassidim. Our musicians play with unrestrained passion which is contagious to any crowd or audience.

The Shir Hashirim Band believes that music which comes from the heart enters the heart. Just as a conversation with another should be sincere and honest so should the performances of music aim to be. There is no hidden message, no ulterior motive - just pure joy! True Joy! A foretaste of MOSHIACH!

Our musicians are highly trained and educated producing a polished sound and impeccable rhythm. In laymen's terms: The Shir Hashirim Band leaves nobody sitting at the tables!

We are confident that your event will be one that is talked about for many years to come.

Let’s greet Moshiach with SONG and DANCE!

Contact us at (718) 363-0129 or via email at lehakatshirhashirim@yahoo.com

Looking forward to taking part in your simcha.
May we all merit to take part in the ultimate simcha, with the Revelation of the Rebbe Shlit”a Melech Hamoshiach Tekef Umiya”d Mamo”sh NOW!